Our Programs


Education & counseling

We do collect the data statistic of new born, young and adults suffering for seizure, make an evaluation each season about the risk of sudden death,and their drugs.  We  do provide a counseling professional education programs to all women ,how to plan pregnancy  while you re medicated, have a better hygiene on foods, and at home, avoid disruption of the drug, make a psychology assessment for all patients  because most of them have an anxiety disorder, mood disorder, increase of appetite, anemia and suicide though from the side effect of their AEDS drugs( anti epileptic drugs) 


Gender right and employement

We managed to campaign about the awareness of the disease, rise their voice in our society in  eliminating the stigma, and make a civil right movement which manifest about their equal right from a school journey to employment. Women of children affected by that disease need a boost of income and right fare allowance from his work  activities in order to avoid risk of sudden death through drug interruption and for their kids to have a balance diet!


humanity and finance inclusion

Actual we do have 15 cooperatives group based in 15 districtss in eastern province : Gacumba,Gisenyi,Byahi,Murara,Busasamana,bugeshi,kabari,Mudende,nyakiliba,karambo,,kigufi,nyundo . Those cooperative group are made to boost the income of our beneficiaries  in  the sector of agriculture and development it is therefore to  fight for malnutrition & enable them to afford their national insurance health and their repeat prescription!